The Sound of Silence and the Fury

Drawing the line between fact and opinion.

Terms of Content

First Revision – December 18, 2008


As the subtitle alludes to, within a post, we place and label the facts first and then give our reply/opinion.

Entries written as a reply to another blog/story, may just contain opinion as the facts are assumed to be listed within the original blog/story.


Opinions expressed in the blog are the property of the respective writer(s). All rights to original content are reserved by the author.

This blog frequently uses outside content as a source and, where and when appropriate, will source said content with name, date, and link of both the original source and the secondary source. (In other words, if we use something from the Associated Press and they got it from somewhere else, we’ll list both sources.)

Terms of Use

If you use original content from this blog, you are required to, at a minimum, link (via trackback/pingback/or other method) to the post you sourced and identify it as content that is not your own. Additionally, if you do trackback/pingback here, I’ll probably take a look at what you’ve written… so, beware: I may comment in return.

Full Disclosure

If, for whatever reason, there is a conflict of interest between the post author and the post content, full disclosure will be made prior to the expression of opinion.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content, defined as content posted in exchange for some form of material consideration (e.g. money, products), will be clearly identified as such. However, despite the “material consideration”, the ideas expressed were not guided or altered by the sponsoring entity.

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