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Estabishing Brand Loyalty Young? or “Buy me, buy me, buy me!”

Posted by Justin Johnson on Sunday, December 7th, 2008


Gillette has a program which sends free razors (and other goodies) to young men (and at times women) upon their 18th birthday.

My 18th birthday was a couple weeks ago (24 November) to be exact.

I got two razors, in different packages.

Because I got this package, one of my friends will also be receiving something similar for his 18th birthday.

Until I read something on The Consumerist (How Did Gillette Know It Was My Birthday??! and UPDATE: How Did Gillette Know It Was My Birthday??!), I hadn’t the foggiest idea how they got my address (and it was an address I hadn’t lived at since I was in 3rd grade, at that).

Questions to Conjure With:

Is this a good move? Is it a good thing for Gillette to try and establish brand loyalty with the impressionable youths of today? Where did they get my information from and how long have they had it?


I think it is a very good move. Being one of those impressionable youths, I will say that this was a welcome birthday present. There being so many different choices out there, it’s wise for a company to step up and stand out. Because of their decision, I definitely feel some sort of brand loyalty to Gillette now. Their products are very superior compared to other things that are out there. And now, because they sent it to me, one of my friends will be hooked when his 18th birthday comes along. They’ve probably just snagged a customer (if not two customers) for a very long time.

But, are their methods concerning? As The Consumerist article states, they receive their mailing info from a third-party company named “American Student List”. Now, I do remember filling out a survey in 9th or 10th grade and I do remember putting down my old address (simply because I knew they would use it for marketing purposes). The interesting thing I see here is, most 9th graders don’t have the foresight to know what their information is going to be used for. Is it right to have data collected and stored regarding you when you don’t even know what you’re signing? I’ll admit, Gillette is a large company and probably has no malicious intent, but what about other companies that may happen to purchase this list? What will they do with my information?

Final Words:

I like the Gillette Fusion razor. I like the Gillette Mach3 disposable. I never knew what I had been missing, and never would have if they hadn’t gotten me such a lovely present. I’m loyal. I’ve been hooked.


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