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Yahoo! Messenger Power User or “Again…”

Posted by Justin Johnson on Friday, July 4th, 2008


In “Yahoo! Power Mailer or Prosperity Through Being Spammed“, I remarked on how I was a Yahoo! Power Mailer.

Now, apparently, I am also a “Yahoo! Messenger Power User”. It comes with the same token things, priority support, more input, and a special icon displayed next to your name on Yahoo! Messenger buddy lists.

According to the Yahoo! Messenger help pages, that means I am in the top 5% of Yahoo! Messenger users.


Is this Yahoo!’s way of drumming up support in view of its steadily declining popularlity? Are they trying to buy the users with token items?

I’ll admit that having a distinctive icon (I chose the badge) next to my name appear on Yahoo! Messenger buddy lists is quite nice, and a good bragging point (*polishes*)… but, what does it really matter?

I will admit, that I do IM a considerable amount… but I definitely didn’t think I was in the top 5% of Yahoo! Messenger users. And I will say that, given the IMvironments, its sleek interface, and how it isn’t that bad of a memory hog, I am partial to Yahoo! as a messenger.

Final Words:

I think Yahoo! should give stock in its company to Power Users. We use it, we make you your money, give some back!


One Response to “Yahoo! Messenger Power User or “Again…””

  1. this sux big wang.. a couple of my daily IM friends got this feature but I didn’t .. just another thing for people to bicker over.. this just pisses me off really. yahoo can bite the dust for all i care.. too many server interruptions during voice conferences anyhow.

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